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sunset at Rodneys pillar

The Magic of Sunrise and Sunset and glamping in Wales

Mid Wales, with its rolling hills, lush verdant valleys, and tranquil countryside, is a place where the natural world takes centre stage. Among the myriad natural wonders that Wales has to offer, there’s a daily spectacle that never ceases to amaze and has inspired poets, artists, and dreamers for generations: the breathtaking moments of sunrise and sunset. It certainly inspired us when choosing the name for our glamping site. In this blog piece I hope to inspire you with the magic of sunrise and sunset you can experience on your glamping holiday in Wales at Strawberry Skys.

The calm of sunrise

One of the most magical aspects of experiencing a sunrise in Wales is the profound silence that accompanies it. In these early hours, the songs of awakening birds, the rustling of leaves in the cool breeze, and the distant murmurs of nature awakening are yet to come. The world is still and serene. It’s a moment of quiet reflection and a chance to start the day with a sense of calm and gratitude.

As the Sun climbs higher, the colors intensify. A warm, golden hue bathes the landscape, casting a soft glow over the landscape. It is the “golden hour” beloved by photographers, when the world seems to be wrapped in a blanket of warmth and wonder. The promise of a new day yet to unfold.

The warm glow of sunset

Much like sunrise, sunset is a perfect time for reflection. Whether you’re sharing the moment with loved ones or enjoying solitude, it’s a time to pause, unwind, and appreciate the day that’s come to an end. The setting sun reminds us of the ebb and flow of time and the beauty in endings and the anticipation of a new day with the next sunrise.

But what conjures these breathtaking colours in the sky?

And should we even ask the question and risk spoiling the magic? (skip this paragraph if you don’t want to know).

These awesome spectacles are created by a delicate interplay between sunlight and atmospheric particles. As the sun dips lower in the Skys it’s light has to pass through more of the Earth’s atmosphere scattering these tiny particles in all directions. As shorter wavelengths of light, (blue and green) scatter more easily due to their smaller size we are left with the warm, longer wavelengths of red and orange.

The changing seasons also offer a variation to the type of sunsets we will experience. During winter, when the Sun sets at a sharper angle, sunsets can appear more vivid and dramatic, while in summer, they may be gentler and softer in tone. Geography and location can also have an impact. Coastal regions often experience stunning sunsets due to the presence of moisture in the air, which scatters light differently and intensifies sunset colors. Mountainous areas can also provide breathtaking sunset vistas, as the elevation can affect the atmospheric conditions.

So where should we go to see a beautiful sunset when glamping at Strawberry Skys?

Well, the most obvious choices are very close to home as the decking of Oak Yurt and the veranda of Cedar Yurt, both offer stunning views of the Cambrian mountains behind which the sun sets.

Our Top Gate

A vastly more dramatic scene can be witnessed by walking up top our top gate. From here you can see an expansive vista across the Cambrian and Berwen mountains. The brooding mass of Aran Fawddwy is directly ahead of you. Cader Idris is just to the left and Snowdon appears on the horizon to the right.

Rodney’s Pillar & Montgomery War Memorial

Stunning 360 degree panoramas can be experienced from Rodney’s Pillar (where the picture above was recently taken) only a short drive away from where you can follow the River Severn plain and see all the way from Shrewsbury deep into Snowdonia. The memorial above the charming town of Montgomery offers similar broad vista and shows the mountains from a different perspective.

The Coast

And, of course, we musn’t forget the beautiful beaches of Aberdyfi and Ynyslas. Where better to see the sun go down (or up) than over the ocean.

The Stiperstones and the Devil’s Chair

What more evocative place could you go to watch a fiery sunset than the Stiperstones National Nature Reserve, just over the border. High above the Shropshire plains you will find the Devil’s chair? A stunning viewpoint from which to experience any sunset.


You could be on site here at Strawberry Skys, up a mountain or on the coast, an early riser or a lover of evening tranquility, wherever you are, these celestial events offer moments of jaw-dropping beauty, reflection, and wonder that enrich our lives in immeasurable ways. So, whether you’re watching the first light of day or bidding farewell to the sun, embrace the magic of sunrise and sunset in Mid Wales. It’s a daily reminder of our place in the cosmos and the beauty that surrounds us – a poetic expression of the Earth’s atmosphere at work. The warm and vivid hues that paint the sky are a testament to the beauty of science and nature converging to create moments of awe and wonder. So, the next time you witness a stunning sunset, take a moment to to pause, appreciate, and connect with the natural world around you.

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