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Dog friendly glamping in wales

Bring your much loved family dog on a glamping holiday and enjoy all the benefits of a dog friendly glamping in Wales at Strawberry Skys. Loads of space to enjoy, the whole family enjoying time together, exercise and loads of fresh air.

It’s the ultimate “no-brainer”.

We are so lucky in this part of Wales to have so many wonderful walks, lakes, rivers and beaches for you to enjoy and plenty of dog friendly venues to visit and experience. And no pet-sitting arrangements required. For all these reasons we have been providing dog friendly glamping in Wales at Strawberry Skys since 2016.

About bringing your dog glamping to Strawberry Skys

Of course, there are a few important things to consider before bringing your dog glamping with you. We want everybody to have an enjoyable time here with us and be as relaxed as possible during your stay. And by this we mean, you, your family, our other guests and your dog.

So, perhaps the most important thing to consider is your dog. Will they be happy coming away on your glamping holiday with you and is a glamping holiday in Wales at Strawberry Skys the right place for your dog?

Given what I’ve already said above about all the benefits, this may seem like an unnecessarily cautious approach. However, there are a few important things to consider in order to make your dog friendly glamping holiday a success. A family glamping holiday, whether in a yurt, or cabin can be quite different from other types of holiday and we think Strawberry Skys is quite different from other glamping sites. This is why we’ve decided to write this blog-piece outlining the things you should consider and before coming glamping at Strawberry Skys and how to make your dog friendly glamping holiday a success for all involved. Especially your four-legged friend.

New things your dog may not expect when you are glamping

Strawberry Skys is set in the heart of rural mid Wales. We are surrounded by farmland, hedges, wooded dingles and water courses.  Above you will be soaring red kites and buzzards. In the neighbouring fields will be sheep and cattle. On site will be cats, squirrels, pheasants and rabbits and if you go for a walk you may encounter pigs and alpacas. At night owls will call and hunt, foxes will prowl and badgers may pass. We are a haven for wildlife which creates movement, sounds and smells both during the day and at night which will all be very exciting for your dog and may cause them to act differently than they would normally at home. 

A long day outdoors, walking, playing and snuffling around can lead to blissful exhaustion for your pet. But for those with a more nervous disposition, those new and unusual night-time sounds which go unheard to the rest us can be a cause of stress. 

Please make sure your dog is happy with new environments and enjoys meeting new people and going to new places before you bring them glamping with you.

One of the things that makes a glamping holiday at Strawberry Skys Yurts so different is the amount of space we offer our guests and the large spaces between the yurts and glamping cabins. A glamping holiday at Strawberry Skys is an immersive experience where you will get to completely enjoy your surroundings and feel a part of the country side you are in. 

On site temptations

Our glamping site itself, though very safe and well away from any roads is not dog-proof. There will be gaps in the hedges and farm gates that can be snuck under, jumped through, or over. Neither are any of the yurts or glamping cabins fenced off from each other. All of our guests are free to share all of the space. And the kitchen and pizza oven are communal areas. 

There will be other guests and most probably lots of children running around. There will be BBQs going on, lots of campfire cooking and pizza making too. Those of you who know us will probably have met our two gorgeous dogs, Buffy and Milla, who are sadly no longer with us and how much they loved coming up to meet our guests. They especially loved a BBQ and campfires as they knew food would be involved. Buffy especially loved pizza making as she knew there was a good chance of ingredients falling on the floor. We know exactly how tempting all this activity can be to a dog. 

Being aware of these temptations we ask that you keep your your dog on a lead and under close control as a necessity that will help ensure everybody has a good time.

We do provide long leads that can be staked into the ground to give your arms a rest.

Our yurts and glamping cabins

We have two traditional Mongolian yurts and two wooden glamping cabins on site. The yurts made of canvass and wood and are potentially easy damaged. The wooden cabins are more solid, but can still be scratched, the doors especially. For this reason we we ask that dogs are never left unattended inside any of our glamping accommodations.

Please also be aware that you may be on a glamping holiday, but Mother Nature doesn’t know that. The grass may still be wet, it will rain and if there is mud, your dog will find it. Please bring extra towels to wipe your dog and their paws down before entering the yurts or cabins. We also ask that dogs are kept off the beds and other furniture.

Some essentials to make glamping with your dog a success 

Dog food and bowls (easy to forget with everything else going on)


Dog crate, if you use one

Extra towels, blankets

Dog coat if they have one

Poo bags (self-explanatory. Please use the bin provided)

We do hope that thinking about the above will help you decide whether bringing your dog glamping is the right thing for you and your dog. We also hope that it will help you get the most out of your dog friendly glamping holiday and make Strawberry Skys a place you will return to again and again.

And please remember, we are always happy to help with advice on places to visit, where you can take your dog and dog friendly restaurants for you to visit. Don’t hesitate to ask.

We look forward to meeting you and your dogs very soon.

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